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SeaView© PRO & Sport–The data you need, when you need it.

Engineered for under, at-sea, field or operational support conditions, Ocean Imaging's SeaView© fishing software is the most powerful oceanographic data analysis tool on the market – in any price range – worldwide. SeaView Desktop delivers the latest satellite oceanographic and weather data ready for download and display via the SeaView© software installed on your boat, home, or office computers.  

Discover the Power of SeaView

Data are available in near-real time via a broadband, cellular hotspot, or satellite phone internet connection 24/7! Our SST, sea height, ocean current, sub surface temperature, chlorophyll/plankton, salinity, mixed layer depth and weather data products will significantly improve your fishing experience and bottom line by enabling you to analyze and identify the most productive fishing locations faster, while consuming less fuel.

Once downloaded, all data files are permanently stored on your computer—until you delete them— for use when an internet connection is unavailable

SeaView Pro/Sport Coverage SeaView Pro/Sport Coverage Map

    Sea Surface Temperature Single Satellite Overpass Desktop Image
SST Single Satellite Overpass
Resolution: .75 - 2.5 km
Updates: Up to 12x /day!
Highest accuracy and resolution SST products delivered worldwide faster than anyone!
    Sea Surface Temperature Composite Desktop Image
SST Composite
Resolution: 2 - 4 km
Updates: 1x / day
Two types of cloud-filtered 1-day and 3-day SST composites.
    Sea Surface Temperature Cloud-Free Desktop Image
Cloud-Free SST
Resolution: 4 - 10 km
Updates: 1x / day
Always-cloud-free model and microwave-derived SST imagery. These data productsare invaluable during periods of heavy cloud cover.
    Chlorophyl/Plankton Single Satellite Overpass Desktop Image
Chlorophyl / Plankton
Resolution: 1 - 2.5 km
Updates: 2 - 4x / day
The highest detail and accuracy ocean phytoplankton data (Chlorophyll) imagery available.
    Chlorophyl/Plankton Composite Desktop Image
Chlorophyl / Plankton Composites
Resolution: 1 - 2.5 km
Updates: 1x / day
The highest accuracy 5-day ocean chlorophyl composite imagery to help reduce cloud cover problems.
    Ocean Currents Overlay Desktop Image
Ocean Currents: Speed & Direction
Resolution: 500m - 10km
Updates: 1 - 4x / day
Four types of ocean surface currents available for overlay on top of any oceanographic, weather or base map image.
    Sub-Surface Temperature Desktop Image
Subsurface Temperature
Resolution: 2 km
Updates: 1x / day
50m, 100m and 200m subsurface ocean temperature imagery.

    Sea Surface Height Anomaly Desktop Image
Sea Surface Height Anomaly
Resolution: 2 - 4 km
Updates: 1x / day
Locate oceanographic convergence zones in all cloud cover and weather conditions with either Sea Surface Height (SSH) or Sea Surface Height Anomaly (SSHA) imagery.
Salinity Desktop Image Salinity
Resolution: 2 km
Updates: 1x / day
High-accuracy ocean salinity.
Mixed Layer Depth Desktop Image Mixed Layer Depth
Resolution: 2 km
Updates: 1x / day
The depth of the ocean’s upper, mixed layer – often analogous with the thermocline depth.
    Bathymetry Overlay Desktop Image
Resolution: 100 fathoms
High detail ocean bottom topography worldwide.
    Add Symbols, Navigation Markers & Tracklines on Desktop Image
Symbols, Navigation Markers & GPS with Tracklines
GPS (NEMA-183) interface for vessel positioning & tracking display on imagery. Tracklines can be saved and re-loaded over any image.

User defined symbols (fish, boats, custom symbols), navigation markers and template overlays allow marking of high-points, fish & map locations, survey sites or ship tracks.
    Destop Image showingOceanographic and/or weather overlay
Data Overlay Capability
Display several types of oceanographic and/or weather information simultaneously (either side-by-side or as contour overlays) to compare data types or conditions from one day to another. Load boat position, lat/long grid, ocean current arrows, ocean surface winds, weather contours, plankton, SST & SSH contour lines, and bathymetry over any image or base map. Cursor driven latitude/longitude position detection of any image feature with zoom-in and custom image enhancement capability.
    Image showing results of Data Merge Tool on Desktop Software
SeaView Exclusive Data Merge Tool
Combine oceanographic parameter ranges such as SSHA, SST, chlorophyll, salinity, etc., to determine where the best mix of the proper conditions exist for your target species.